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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 7, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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on a gunner. >> dana: let it not be said that the queen is not powerful. >> greg: no, no. he is a good guy. admit. >> dana: i like him. >> kimberly: he's fantastic. >> dana: is he a good seasonal, too? >> kimberly: watch the show. that's it. thank you for being with us. covering the convention the past two weeks. check us out here on monday. >> bret: the president's festive renomination night gets a rude morning after treatment. as one key jobs indicator hits its lowest mark since 1981. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. in d.c. the afterglow from the democratic convention came to a quick end today for president obama. after a darker than expected report on jobs. we have the first reaction from republican presidential nominee mitt romney in just moments. but first, here are the
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numbers. employers added 96,000 jobs last month. far fewer than expected. there was an adjustment. 41,000 fewer jobs were created in june and july than first reported. the unemployment rate fell from 8.3 to 8.1%. because so many people stopped looking for jobs. the workforce dropped to its lowest level in 31 years. the administration points out august was the 30th straight month of private sector job gains. but republicans stress it was the 43rd straight month with unemployment exceeding 8%. against that backdrop i talked with governor romney a few hours ago in sioux city, iowa. i asked him first about the new jobs report. >> well, obviously, another disappointing monthly figure. the white house keeps saying that you can't look at monthly numbers. if you look over the last several quarters, the last several years, you see the continued pattern, that we not creating the jobs we need to create to put americans back
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to work. for every net new job created, about four people dropped out of the workforce. so we are going the wrong direction. this is a difficult time for the american people. by the way, wages are also not rising. no increase in wages, declining wages, declining number of people able to find work, people dropping out of the the workforce, another continuation of bleak news on employment front. >> bret: do you think that this weak jobs report will spur the federal reserve in to action and how do you think if they do that, that might affect the election? >> it's hard to predict exactly what the federal reserve will do. i don't think there is any action they will take to have an immediate impact on the economy. frankly, i think they shot a lot of t monetary bullets and those bullets aren't able to strike at a target that makes a real difference for the american worker today. what we really need is to have policies coming from washington that are fiscally sound, and get america back on track to having the kind of
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financial stability and foundation of economic growth that puts people to work. >> bret: i was told you didn't watch the speech and you read it. your thoughts about that speech and the overall messaging coming out of charlotte? >> i was disappointed with the speech. of course, it's been a disappointing four years. there was nothing in the speech that gives confidence that the president knows what he is doing when it comes to jobs and the economy. as a matter of fact, he hardly even mentioned jobs i jobs or te economy. there is nothing he has done in three-and-a-half, last four years gives confidence he knows what he is doing with regard to jobs and the economy anyway. this has been a disappointing time for the american people. he in his speech laid out a few new promises. but the old promises he gave, he dea did not report on. because he was unable to fulfill the old promises. at the last convention he said he caused income to rise, they went down. create more jobs, we don't have new jobs in america.
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we'd see new businesses start up. matter of fact for the 30-year low in business startup. he was going to cut the deficit in half. it's doubled. almost every indication of what he'd do the last time he was running, he has not been able to fulfill. what we saw, what we read with regard to last night's speech was a president making new promises he also will be unable to fulfill. no new plan, no new ideas. here is how we're going to get the economy going. here are the specifics of what it takes to get this -- nothing there. >> bret: you know democrats charge that you didn't provide specifics down in tampa. now you're saying the president didn't provide specifics. >> i laid out the five steps i would take to get the economy going. i are spoken about them throughout my campaign about the five key steps that will get america's economy, creating the job and rising take-home pay that the american people want. i can elaborate in great depths. >> we have been over it. >> i'm specific of what i'll
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do to get the economy going. what the president said had no new steps, no indication of what he'll do. he wants things to get better and he hopes to cre quite jobs but not how he will do it. >> president clinton said that no president could turn the economy around, the economy the president obama inherited in four years. could you have? >> i could have done a heck of a lot better job than this president has. it wasn't elected so that is moot. the point is when this president was elected he and his team announced to the american people that by now we would have 5.4% unemployment. had he delivered on that promise, that was his promise. i didn't demand he put the number out there. he put it out for the american people. had he delivered on that promise, there would be 9 million more jobs in america today than there are. that was his promise. so, i'm only holding him accountable by the measure he himself put out to the
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american people. >> the auto bail-out came out as a topic arguably more than any other in charlotte. democrats think they have a powerful attack against you. we heard your explanation and it doesn't if it on a bumper sticker, but what do you do to attract voters in ohio, michigan, and other states, tied to the car industry that may have been swayed by the democrats' messaging on this issue? >> there is a nice chance in debates to talk about truth and fiction. i don't think many people understand that the president tricked the car companies in to bankruptcy. they went in bankruptcy as i proposed. so the difference between us is that i would have done it earlier than the president did. and saved the american taxpayers about $20 billion. that is a message which will come out in the debates and perhaps in ads. i don't write my own ads. but the message will be communicated to the american people.
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i think they recognize that when it comes to saving an industry and making more jobs for the american people, i have a record that shows i know how to do that. the president who has been in office for four years simply been unable to deliver what he promised. >> bret: a few more things governor. to hear several speakers in charlotte, i don't think this is junk, they were saying that you don't care about the u.s. military because you didn't u.s. troops and the war in afghanistan in your nomination acceptance speech. we understand that you went to american legion the day before and you talked about the service and sacrifice of the military there. do you regret opening up this line of attack, now recurring attack by leaving out that issue in the speech? >> i only regret you repeating it day in and day out. when you give a speech you don't go through a laundry list. you talk about things you think are important. i described in my speech my commitment to a strong military, unlike the president's decision to cut our military.
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and i didn't use the word "troops." i used the word "military." i think they refer to the same thing. of course, going to the american legion the day before, during the middle of our convention made a much bigger statement to the military and our troops than the president who did not go to meet with the american legion. i also spoke to the vfw the week before. i think the american military understands i'm fully supportive of their effort. unlike the president, who we understand from bob woodward's book, at least from the excerpts, president and the white house part of the author of the sequestration idea that would slash our military. i opposed that idea. i think it's absolutely wrong to cut our military as the president is doing. >> bret: after our interview, the romney campaign decided to hold a media availability for the travelling press on the tarmac. among the questions to governor romney, reporters wanted response to president obama's foreign policy jabs. >> my opponent and his runningmate are new to foreign policy.
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[ applause ] but from all that we have seen and heard, they want to take us back to an area of blustering and blundering the cost america so dearly. after all, you don't call russia the number one enemy. not al-qaeda, russia. unless you are still stuck in a cold war mind warp. you might not be ready for diplomacy with beijing if you can't visit the olympics without insulting our closest ally. >> i'm very pleased that my olympic experience allows me to talk about the olympics in a straight talk manner. and i think it would be appropriate if the president would talk to china in a straight talk manner. they have manipulated their currency for well over a decade. they have taken american jobs. and i think it's totally appropriate to show backbone and strength as we deal with the other nations around the
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world. nothing wrong with telling people the truth. >> mitt romney! >> bret: up the road in orange city, governor romney fired up the iowa crowd. >> we all respect our government but we don't want it to get so big it crushes the dreams of the american people. it will fight for the young people of america by getting us finally on track to a balanced budget. >> we talked to some of the folks inside about the conventions and the race ahead. >> what did you think? after two weeks of this, what was your, what did you come away with? >> i think the american people are so energized now. they say with the nation, the direction that our nation is going. and they're really ready for a big change, very big change. >> bret: and iowa is a swing state. how do you think it's playing? >> we're working very, very hard. i think the people of iowa are waking up very much so. >> i have been a political activist for 20 plus years and i have never seen energy like this before. mitt romney is going to carry iowa. mitt romney is going to carry iowa. >> bret: you sound convinced? >> absolutely.
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absolutely! >> hopefully the things that have happened in the past four years are enough to swing those obama people over to romney. >> i think the state is divided right now, because up here, i'm from eastern iowa. over there we are a lot more democratic, liberal. but out here, here is more conservative and republican. i believe it's a tossup right now. >> bret: governor, last thing, what is your sense of this race right now? i mean we are 60 days out. you are travelling the country. you are here in iowa today. what is your sense of where things are and how important those debates will be? >> well, people will make up their mind as we go along here. it can't tell you when they settle down. people won't make their mind up until the day before the election or day of the election. it's a horse race. we have two candidates that would take our nation in different directions. my direction is one that encourages the private sector again to create jobs. and the history of america has been a powerful and robust economy. with great jobs and rising
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wages. based on the strong private sector. the president's plan is to build a bigger government. i don't know any nation on earth that succeeded in creating succeeding a strong middle class with rising wages based on building a stronger government. we have different paths ahead of us. i think people can look at the success of the president's path by looking at his record. over the last four years. if they like the direction they have seen, if they think we are headed in the right direction, he may be their guy. but i think if they take a look at the last four years they will conclude we are not better off than we were four years ago. that means they support me. >> bret: governor, we know you have a busy day in iowa. we appreciate the time. talking to us. thank you. my thanks to all the folks who hustled to make that happen today. the timing of today's jobs report could not have come at a worse time for president obama. and now he is starting the post convention stretch run. back on the defensive. chief white house correspondent ed henry is
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traveling with the president. >> president obama and vice president biden immediately hit the campaign trail with their wives, as senior white house advisor david plouffe declared they now have momentum if not a bounce. >> i have just come from charlotte where we had a great convention. [ applause ] >> any momentum, though, could be throttled. thed 96,000 jobs created in august was below expectations and the unemployment rate dipped slightly only because 368,000 more people simply left the workforce. >> it's sort of undermines his argument, and throws a wet blanket over his convention coming out of the convention heading to the general election. no question. >> the president again relied on the warm embrace of bill clinton, noting the former president said the recovery will not be easy. >> business once again added jobs for the 30th month in a row. total of more than 4.6 million jobs. [ applause ] but that is not good enough. we know it's not good enough.
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we need to create more jobs faster. >> the president continues to try and shift the focus from his record to the choice in the election. mocking republican mitt romney for having only one primary element to his economic plan. >> tax cuts when times are good. tax cuts when times are bad. tax cuts to help you lose a few extra pounds. tax cuts to improve your love life. >> one of the only new elements of the president's acceptance speech was setting a goal, but not a plan to create 1 million new manufacturing jobs. yet today we learned manufacturing, a key to the recovery so far, lost jobs for the first time in a year. raising questions about this claim from the vice president. >> because of the decisions he has made, and the incredible strength of the american people, america has turned the corner. >> democrats felt good coming out of their convention despite hiccups like the initial decision to leave "god" and "jerusalem" out of
3:15 pm
the party platform, before they were hastily put back in. on the positive side, they were well received speeches by the first lady, vice president and clinton who got a special shout out today. >> somebody e-mailed me after his speech and said you need to appoint him secretary of explaining stuff. that was pretty good. i like that. secretary of explaining stuff. splaining. >> now the point of the clinton speech was to show his approach to the economy was better than mitt romney's, but the danger in using clinton it also reminds voters now that mr. clin's record is better than mr. obama's on economy. >> bret: everyone is talk about the fiscal cliff coming at the end of the year. it sounds like the white house will miss a big deadline related to that. >> that is right. it's all about the defense, the sequestration, the massive
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defense cuts coming because congress failed to get a debt deal. today was the deadline by law that the white house had to turn over to congress. by extension the public. details on where the cut cuts wl come affect a lot of viewers. what cities, what military bases will be effected. white house did not meet the deadline. white house spokeman jay carney is the reason is taking time to get the information from the different federal agencies and meet the deadline late next week. republicans like senator john thune blasting late this afternoon saying they would give them a lot of heat next week to get the details. >> bret: ed henry traveling with the president in iowa. popular state these days. stocks were up slightly after a huge day thursday. the dow gained 15. the s&p 500 was up 6. the nasdaq finished a fraction ahead. why have a jobs council if the president does not listen to it? that's later. first, it sound like a no-brainer. designating a terrorist group as a terrorist group. but there is a lot more to it. [ female announcer ] you want family dinner to be special.
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>> bret: canada closed the embassy in iran. that tops world headlines. the canadian government says iranian diplomats in canada have been given five days to leave. canada says iran is providing military assistance to syria, ignoring concerns over the nuclear program and is a
3:21 pm
threat to world peace. two bombs went off in damascus today. the first explosion across the street from a mosque as worshipers were leaving. two hours later, a car bomb exploded between the building of the administration ministry and justice ministry. no casualties reported there. obama administration is labeling group in afghanistan a terror group. but there is more to it. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the story from the pentagon. >> reporter: after year of stalling that dated back to bush administration and continued under the obama presidency, the state department decided to deg usnate pakistan -- designate pakistani network terror organization, allowing the justice department to go after the group's finances. secretary of state hillary clinton alerted congress two days ahead of a congressional deadline. "today i sent a report to congress saying that the hikani network meets the
3:22 pm
criteria for designation as foreign terrorist organization." we are drying up their resources and targeting their military and intelligence personnel. pressing the pakistanis to step up their own efforts. >> the h aqqani network responsible for more deaths than any other group of fighters and it's holding bo berkdale hostage. it was supported by the c.i.a. and pakistan in the 1980s. the haqqani group attacked the u.s. embassy, indian embasesy in kabul. the bases are in pakistan. >> it acts as a veritable arm of pakistan's internal services intelligence agency. >> the u.s. military had long wanted it listed as a terror group, which would make it harder to fundraise in the gulf. >> i think it's useful to think of the designation like an arrest warrant.
3:23 pm
the designation doesn't mean anything until you do something an take action. >> no immediate reaction from islamabad. >> it's only a matter of time when the designation will come. i don't hit the it will affect fighting in eastern afghanistan. >> taliban is still not designated a terror group by the state department raising questions whether the state department believes the taliban in general are reck recon silable with the government and whether they're trying to negotiate before pulling troops out of afghanistan in 2014. >> bret: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. thank you. still ahead, the job being done or not done by the president's jobs council. first, if you live in battleground state. prepare yourself. the republican tv ad blitz is taking off. [ female announcer ] you can learn a lot about a minivan
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>> bret: if romney does not win the presidency this fall, it will not be because he failed to get his message out. the republican candidate is taking a huge war chest in to the time two months and a lot of the dollars will show up on your television set. especially if you live in one of the select few states. chief political correspondent carl cameron on the start of the air war. >> this day we're stepping forward, we're taking back america. >> rallying iowa one of the potentially decisive tossup states, romney kicked off sprint on the ground and on the air. >> the president has been unable to deliver on virtually any of the promises he made when he ran for office four years ago. >> romney held a rare availability with multiple reporters on the same day he began ramping up his fall ad campaign with 15 new tv spots tailored for eight tossup states crucial to the victory strategy. road map to the swing state, florida, ohio, virginia, new hampshire, iowa, nevada, colorado, north carolina. >> but this president cannot tell us that you are better
3:29 pm
off today than when he took office. >> obama won all eight states four years ago. according to the real clear politic average of recent polls romney trailed in all of them except for north carolina where the democrats just ended their convention. >> modest $4.5 million buy, but only the beginning. the romney campaign omitted michigan, romney's native state where he is down 2.4 points to the president. wisconsin, paul ryan's native state the president leads by 1.4 points. pennsylvania, the romney-ryan ticket trails by 7. romney reported last month he had $185 million cash on hanz. since then he raised $100 million now. that he is the official nominee he can spend the funds. political ads will replace the last two weeks of convention images on america's tv. some gave obama tepid reviews in wake of bill clinton's performance and mitt romney's speech was overshadowed by clint eastwood with imvisible barack obama and empty chair. >> what do you mean shut up?
3:30 pm
>> minutes before he walked on staple he said there was a stool there and someone asked me if i wanted to sit down. i saw it and i it gave me an idea. i'll talk to obama and ask why he didn't keep the promises he made to everybody. >> mr. eastwood had a goal he said. three things. one, to show america that not everybody lives in hollywood is a democrat. two, that president obama made promises and not kept them. three, it's okay if politicians don't do what they say for folks to fire them. mr. eastwood thinks he got it done. those are ideas that mitt romney whole heartedly agrees with, bret. >> bret: carl cameron live in new hampshire tonight. thank you. despite the disappointing jobs numbers out today, the president does have access to some interesting ideas about job creation. but chief national correspondent jim angle tells us tonight there is a big difference between getting advice and taking it. >> president obama has not met with the jobs council he appointed since january of this year. the counsel led by g.e. ceo jeffrey immelt recommended
3:31 pm
several things that the president embraces such as the importance of education. >> we formally established it to get advice from business leaders and others, about what he should do to increase jobs in this country. >> mr. obama, however, ignored other recommendations including some on corporate taxes. the council for instance called for what is known as a territorial tax system; meaning, foreign earnings of american corporations taxed overseas would not be taxed again when they are brought home. the counse council recommend in january the u.s. should switch the territorial system of taxation to make america more competitive in global markets. >> as an example, say dell computer is computing in germany with a french computer manufacturer. the u.s. firm say dell would face a higher tax rate if it's successful in germany. >> council said most developed nation eliminated double taxation and a move would "bring us in line with our trading partners." and eliminate a penalty on
3:32 pm
corporations that bring the profits home encouraging more investment here. the administration however takes a different view and at the con vention, vice president biden ridiculed the idea which has also been proposed by mitt romney. >> he calls for a new tax. it's called a territorial tax. which the experts looked at. and they acknowledge it will create 800,000 new jobs. aum of them overseas. >> they have been recommending the corporate tax reforms to make america more competitive. it's not the message that the president has wanted to hear. >> the u.s. now has the highest corporate tax in world at 35%. the president would reduce it to 28%. governor romney would reduce it to 25%. the council also recommended the u.s. increase energy exploration on federal lands. the president ignored that, too. official figures show the obama administration has reduced permits on federal lands, by 39%. since 2008. >> energy has been booming on
3:33 pm
private lands, but not so much where it's under federal control. >> this is one of the reasons he hasn't met with the council for a long time. because it's a bit embarrassing to say i have a jobs counsel, but i ignore all of their advice. >> the council also called for broadening the tax base eliminating many deductions in exchange for lower rates. the same thing the simpson-bowles commission recommended. another idea the president did not embrace. bret? >> that is a stunning story we will continue to follow. jim, thank you. illinois democratic congressman jesse jackson junior has been released from the mayo clinic and is back in washington. jackson has been undergoing treatment for severe depression. his father the reverend jesse jackson tells fox he does not know when his son will return to work. former pennsylvania senator arlen specter is battling non-hodgkins lymphoma. state fire department the son's law firm says specter has been released from a philadelphia hospital but will return for further treatment.
3:34 pm
he has alreadyurvived two bouts with hodgkins disease. the dismal job numbers and what it means for obama's prospect of keeping his job and romney's reaction. the fox all-stars discuss when we come back. [ mother ] you can't leave the table
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today we learn that after losing around 800,000 jobs a month when i took office, business once again added jobs for the 30th month in a row. total of more than 4.6 million
3:38 pm
jobs. >> it's been 43 straight months above 8%. there are today 23 million americans that are out of work or stopped looking for work or under employed. it's a national tragedy. >> this is time for a new president with a different vision for america. >> president obama and governor mitt romney today on the jobs report. here is a breakdown of what is in that report. the august report. been called by most analysts dismal. 96,000 jobs added. 8.1% unemployment. that is down from 8.3. but it's because people dropped out of the labor force. 368,000 dropped out. under employment stands at 4.7%. that is 23 million people. if you look at a graph of jobs added this year, you can see the month starting there in january on the left. and where we are in august. and really it's nowhere near what is needed to keep up with the population growth, in
3:39 pm
order for the economy to grow. so let's bring in our panel. seasteve hayes, casey hunter and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. charles, the job report and how it affects this, especially coming off last night and the democratic congress vention? congress -- democratic convention? >> it puts a damper on it. if it were good we'd talk about the speeches or the bounce, or whatever. terrible numbers. to have increase of less than 100,000 where you need at least twice that much to keep up with the population increase, is disastrous. and the only reason that the rate hovers around 8% and went down slightly is as you said, because of the drop-out. think about this. if you take all the people who dropped out of the force, stopped looking out of despair for the last year, calculate
3:40 pm
and if they stayed in the force, still looking, not employed but still looking the unemployment would be 9.1%. that is a truer reflection of what it's been like over the last year. without the distortion of the way that we calculate unemployment. unbelievably awful. that's why the administration now is trying as always to change the subject. this, i think, if there was a moral boost or some kind of enthusiasm coming out of charlotte on the part of democrats this puts a stop it to. >> bret: casey, you agree? >> this is already baked in the electorate. this is something that the romney campaign talks about. unless there is a dramatic change going forward, they will say that this is something that voters are feeling. they don't need the jobs report to tell them that the lives are more difficult than they were four years ago. people are clearly feeling that. that is a reality, define the election already and that will continue to define the election in the fall. >> bret: the question is i
3:41 pm
guess for the democrats coming out of what, you know, analysts on all sides looking at the speech last night by president obama. across the board, there seemed to be a lacking of something. both sides. republicans and democrats. saying maybe it wasn't all there. his best speech. >> yeah, i mean, that was certainly my view. i think, you know, again, he had a very difficult challenge going in to the speech. he has to talk about the future and talk about goals, make promises, after having failed larmly, i would argue to deliver on -- largely to deliver on ones he made four years ago. that by its nature makes it a difficult speech. when you look at the jobs report today, look at that in the context of what we have mean is the past two weeks you have had a race that feels that it's headed back to where it was before the convention. if the democrats were likely to get a slight bounce out of the convention, bill clinton's speech was generally well regarded. people thought that the primetime speaker ins the
3:42 pm
democratic convention did reasonably well and might lead to a bounce. slight bounce in gallup numbers today. you see the job numbers up-to-date see people who were willing to suspend disbelief on behalf of the president at one time, won't be anymore. >> bret: there are people in the democratic party who are obviously fired up in the hall and around the country about the speech. take a listen to one line. and mitt romney's response. >> all they had to offer is the same prescription they have had for the last 30 year years. have a sur pollution, try a pola surplus, try a tax cut. feel a cold coming on? take two tax cut, call us in the morning. >> i expect him to talk about 23 million people or talk about unemployed in america. it expect them to talk about the number of families having hard time making ends meet,
3:43 pm
instead it was a series of new promises which you also won't be able to keep. >> bret: charles at first, the democrats said romney was not specific in tampa. didn't offer specifics. then romney said today barack obama didn't offer specifics. are we waiting for the debates to get to specifics? >> well, i mean, to the reality of the charges, republicans offer so many specifics. that the democrats have been on the attack of the romney-ryan plan. taxes and spending. obama offered nothing. you can say you don't offer that in a speech. he hasn't offered anything anywhere. he has been in office for a term. has he offered anything on medicare? nothing. he himself said on july 11 last year you could raise all the taxes you want, it won't change the fact that medicare
3:44 pm
is becoming insolvent. has he done anything on social security or entitlement? anything on tax reform? he had the audacity to refer to as he called it my own debt commission. which he rejected. it's shameless and i thought extremely unconvincing. >> bret: to be fair, the democrats say kasie that mitt romney doesn't offer specifics when it comes to tax reform on what he will cut out. what tax loopholes will be erased. what cut he is will make specifically. and on the ryan plan, really the specifics of what the romney plan will look like. not the ryan budget. >> romney has tried to have it both ways a little bit with the ryan budget. he has tried to say look, we have the same priorities but my plan is going to be different from what ryan laid out. he is reluctant to actually get in to the details of how the romney plan differs from the ryan plan. so, of course, democrats are trying to make him own that. like he said, on the tax reform, he wants to say look,
3:45 pm
make a 20% rate cut across the board. but he won't say how he is going to get there. to promise the deficit reduction and the tax reform like that in the same breath without explaining how the numbers are going to add up, presents him with a little challenge. >> as a challenge, he is sort of a better position to not be quite as specific as the president. i think at this point, because the president has to both defend his record going backward and propose something that seems plause to believe voters going -- plazzable to the voters going forward. there is skepticism of what the president is selling because the things he said before on the issues have not turned out. >> bret: we'll continue this discussion on the presidential race, lightning round coming back next week. what clint eastwood is saying about his rnc appearance. don't want to miss that when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪
3:46 pm
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calls for a new tax, it's called a territorial tax. which the experts have looked at. and they acknowledge, it will create 800,000 new jobs. all of them overseas. >> bret: well, that was vice president biden in his speech down in charlotte. there is an issue with the
3:50 pm
statement in the president's job council recommended the same thing called the territorial tax system, meaning the foreign earnings of american corporations taxed overseas would not be taxed again when they are brought home. the president hasn't met with the panel since january of this year. start there. jim angle did this piece tonight and it's epretty well, it's interesting. >> it's a measure of audacity. the president stayed in 2008 we'd get audacity. when you trash a recommendation and attribute it to romney and faith and ship jobs overseas and it turns out the recommendation of the panel the president appointed as a way to understand how the economy work, how business is recommending improvements, it just shows shamelessness. for example, when the president says over and over again all the number of jobs that were being lost when he came in to office, what he doesn't say is that the recession ended within six months in 2009, june of 2009.
3:51 pm
obviously, it wasn't a response to anything that obama had done. there would haven't been enough time. it ended because of the measures that bush and geithner and others had taken at the end of 2008. and so he had kind of a clean slate and in 2009 until today, the median income of the united states had declined more than in the recession itself. there are all the numbers that were sort of eliteed over in the speeches. you get a president extremely sort of harsh on ryan calling him a liar here and there, which he wasn't incidentally. but it nogers all of this as if it doesn't care if it's coming out of the obama administration. and the candidate. >> bret: another thing the counsecouncil recommended is broadening the tax base to eliminate deduction for tax rate overall something that the simpson-bowles commission recommended as well. you heard the president as charles mention that in his speech. that raised eyebrows as well. he didn't embrace it back when
3:52 pm
it came out. >> sure. this is something that, you know, romney has talked about as well. he again won't detail necessarily the specifics deductions he wants to but he talked about the deduction for september 11 home, for example. anou know, when you have the president -- this is one area where in the convention speech you saw him playing to the center. he spends a lot of time playing to the left. social issues and other things but on issues like taxes and deficit reduction, he was trying to make a play for swing voters. >> while paul ryan voted against the simpson-bowles commission in the convention he says he brought forward a plan afterwards to take good things he thought, including dealing with healthcare and the president didn't. steve, how big does this sink in anyplace? some of these things that the jobs counsel recommendation? the simpso simpson-bowles recommendation? >> i think the simpson-bowles
3:53 pm
stuff might. people have an awareness of debt and where we are as a country in terms of the debt and deficits i have never seen as long as i've been covering politics. there is a level of concern, i would say alarm that is unlike anything i've seen. it's always the second most cited issue when you ask voters what are you concerned about. in some places like swing state, iowa, the top issue. i think when the president tries to own simpson-bowles and distance himself from its recommendations, it does, it does look sneaky. i think just to follow up on the point that charles made. if you want to talk about audacity, the president has night as its remits to taxes once again made a pitch to raise taxes on the wealthy. they restated the position today, the white house did. it is important to remember the president himself has twice said on videotape that raising taxes in a downturn will hurt the economy. including raising taxes on the rich in a downturn will hurt
3:54 pm
the economy. he is on video saying that. so i would say that is even more audacious than what charles was pointing out because he in fact is running on something that he said will hurt the economy. >> at a time when he said it, when the gdp was almost twice what it is today. all right. winners and losers in charlotte. >> i would say the winners are easy for me. gabrielle giffords. that was a great moment. >> it was a great moment. >> everybody recognized that as a great moment. and my loser is debbie waserman schultz. what she tried to do to phil klein of the "washington examiner" and suggest that he deliberately misquoted her when he quoted her accurately and had it on audiotape is totally disgraceful. i'm surprised frankly that you haven't seen the journalistic community rise up in defense of phil klein as i think they would have had he not been working at conservative paper. >> bret: kasie? >> winners probably obama himself, you have seen a little bounce already out of the convention. some of early polls. not necessarily because of the speech that he gave.
3:55 pm
but because of the convention altogether. i would say voters probably lost out for the democratic and the republican convention, as we were just addressing with the simpson-bowles and the other things, neither candidate really grappled with the enormous fiscal cliff. >> bret: charles? >> winner, the vice president. he gave the speech of his life. if you take away the last 15 minutes of partisan hackery, the part he did about the bail-out, and feeling for the ordinary american was slightly unctious but feeling and emotion and rescued his reputation rapidly heading in to being irrelevant and sort of the crazy unkle in the attic. did himself would of good. >> bret: loser? >> elizabeth warren one of the worst speeches of the two week. >> bret: that is it for the panel. interesting end of two weeks. stave tuned for a moment of candor, perhaps, from a former president.
3:56 pm
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[ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8. woooo! >> tonight, president bill clinton delivered the address to the democratic convention on wednesday night. and it may have been a pretty nervous moment for the obama campaign because sometimes you just know what what bill clinton might say. we are here to nominate a president. [cheers and applause] and i have got one in mind. it's me. [cheers and applause]


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